How to create your first order

Step 1. Press on the icon

Order Your Translation
Press the icon in the right corner of your screen.

Upload your text and add your comments if any.

Any file format is acceptable.

Step 2. Pay via your preferable method

Cheap english to lithuanian translation
Orders up to 2,000 words can be paid instantly.
Orders over 2,000 words need to be reviewed manually. In most case you will get my feedback in 15-30 minutes.

I will send you a custom invoice straight to your email.

The usual price is 5$ per 250 words.

Step 3. Receive a translation in 24 hours

Translation EN to LT
After the payment is received, I will start to work on your text.

Translations up to 2000 words can be delivered the same day.

Working hours:

From Monday to Sunday: 08:00-20:00 GMT+3